STEM Students Win Awards At Future City Competition

photo of a student project using recycled materials to create a model of a city in the future

Creativity and teamwork helped STEM Middle School students win awards in the Future City Competition hosted by the Engineering Society of Detroit.

Mark Struman, Sara Moughni and Hassan Eljafarri were on the SkyCity Team which received the “Best Use of Futuristic Materials” award. Miryam ElSaghir, Selma Alawbali and Brianna Valentine were on the STEMpire Future City Team which won the “Specialty Award of Best Engineered Project.”

In the competition, 6th-8th grade students imagine, design and build cities of the future. In addition to designing and creating a scale city model, students compose informative essays, build a model of their virtual city using recycled materials, and present in front of official judges and professionals.

Congratulations to the students and their teacher, Jennifer Gleason, and special thanks to mentor Gene Dickirson.