Going Green: DuVall Elementary Waste Free Friday Lunch

Dearborn students are enthusiastic about reminding everyone to care for the earth. From posters decorating school halls to assemblies featuring skits and cheers On Earth Day and during elementary school annual Clean Up Parades, students remind family members and neighbors to “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse!”

In a new effort to reduce trash, DuVall Elementary recently held their first Waste Free Friday Lunch. Student leaders asked their schoolmates to make efforts like: Use a reusable nylon bag to carry lunch to school. Bring a beverage in a Thermos instead of a juice pouch. Use a washable cloth napkin instead of using paper.

The result? Students weighed trash bags, did the math, and were thrilled to find there was a reduction of 23.6 pounds, or 27%, less trash went into bags during Waste Free Friday Lunch than on the previous Friday! The students eagerly told their friends and families that by making little changes, like using reusable bags, people can make a big difference on the amount of trash that goes into landfills. As a special reward for their efforts, DuVall has been named an Official Michigan Emerald School by the Wayne County.

-June 2018 – The First Bell