Dearborn High School: Turning 60 and Continuing to Grow

We may all put on a pound of two as we age but Dearborn High is taking it to a whole new level. The school, which recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of the official dedication, is getting a four classroom addition. The additional four classrooms are part of the most recent plan to create the very best learning environment for the 2,000 students attending the school. Students and staff will also enjoy an expansion to the school’s cafeteria which will help ease congestion at lunch time.

Opened in the fall of 1957 the current school is the third building to be called Dearborn High. The very first Dearborn High School opened its doors in 1893 and Arthur Clark was the first graduate in


1897. The Class of 1900 saw four students take part in commencements compared to the more than 400 Pioneers who are part of the class of 2018.