Good Evening Dearborn Community,

Late Monday afternoon, the District was informed that the company who provides us with substitutes unexpectedly and suddenly closed down.

The administrative team is working closely with our principals to put together an emergency plan so there will be substitutes available for Tuesday.

There will most likely be delays in getting some substitutes to buildings on Tuesday morning. Please be patient and understand that we have a plan in place and will be utilizing all of our resources in order to ensure coverage at our schools.

This closure came as a surprise to all of the school districts who use this service and to the many people who are currently employed for this company.  Our staff has pulled together at a very critical time to manage this situation and we appreciate your support during this extraordinary event.

This is obviously one of those situations that will require a lot of understanding, cooperation, and a big-ol’ dose of Dearborn Public Schools friendliness.

Have a great evening