Children don’t come with instruction books, but Dearborn Schools is offering free classes to parents to help them help their children of all ages.

Parent University classes are for parents of children from ages six months to four years.  Parent Talk classes help parents with children of all ages learn to address their child in a way that reduces conflict and supports making children responsible for their own actions.

Parent University classes focus on different developmental areas and are intended to help parents best meet the needs of their young children.  Class topics include nutrition and health, dental care, social/emotional, screen time and technology, math, literacy, music and movement, and science.  During classes, parents or other caregivers participate in hands-on activities with their child.  Free materials are provided, and children can continue to learn through play at home.

To register or for more information, call (313) 827-6150.  The next six-week series starts in February.  Classes will be held at Cotter Early Childhood Center, Henry Ford Elementary, McCollough-Unis, River Oaks and Salina Elementary.

Parent Talk classes are for older children.

These classes, ran by Margaret King Ahmed, teach parents communications skills that empower children and encourage responsible behavior, self-motivation and character development.  Parents and other adults will learn practical skills to positively affect the social and emotional development of children and family.

Sessions are offered at different schools, but parents can attend whatever fits into their schedule.  To learn more, call (313) 827-8788 or visit