Care to the Core returns April 26

Schools long ago moved beyond the basic reading, writing and arithmetic in their curriculum. 

Teaching students to be considerate and to avoid or resolve conflicts improves student behavior and school safety, reduces disruptions, and helps students succeed both in school and outside the classroom far into the future.  Dearborn Public Schools has a number of programs that work to improve school environment by fostering communication, respect and caring.

On Friday, April 26, most Dearborn Public Schools will highlight the great ways they are working to improve their school environment and grow future leaders during the second annual Care to the Core Day.  Each school will participate in an activity centered on helping students resolve conflicts, understanding the impacts of their behaviors, and creating a safer school environment.

Some schools are planning activities such as a No One Eats Alone lunch or a Leadership Day to learn more about interacting with special needs students.  Other schools may be focused on one of several programs that improve student relationships and/or minimize bullying behavior such as Leader in Me, STAND (Students Taking a New Direction), PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports), Restorative Practices or PlayWorks.

A link to a master schedule of events can be found here.  Parents and community members are invited to visit a Dearborn Public School on April 26 to experience the types of activities that Dearborn Schools are doing to promote a positive environment that nurtures student success.  The District will also be covering several of the events on social media including the District Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Look for #Care2Core19.

Creating safe schools and a safe community is a city-wide effort in which partners work together to reach all community members and build a bully-free culture throughout the city of Dearborn.  Care to the Core Day is part of a district-wide plan that, through community partnerships and effective student-driven initiatives, is focused on identifying and stopping bullying behavior.

“This is our eighth year of hosting anti-bullying activities, which shows our District’s commitment to addressing culture and climate in our schools.  This commitment goes beyond preventing bullying behavior.  It is about creating an environment where all feel safe and welcome and how that climate impacts learning,” said Superintendent Glenn Maleyko. “We look forward to showing others how each school in our District is working to make a better school environment where all students will succeed.”  

For more information about the Care to the Core Day and Dearborn Public Schools response to bullying initiatives, contact Danene Charles at 313-827-8330 or