Shortly after the Infrastructure Task Force, comprised of staff and community members, presented their recommendations to the Board of Education in October 2018, the District began moving forward with a detailed review of the infrastructure needs at each of the district’s 34 buildings, which equates to more than 3 million square feet of space.

Working with staff from the Operations Department, a team from Plante Moran CRESA (PMC) visited each school to meet with the principal and engineer. Together they toured the school and developed a comprehensive list of infrastructure needs. The team from PMC will meet again with each principal and engineer to prioritize the list.  

“A great deal of work has been done in a very short amount of time, and I want to thank all of our building administrators and engineers for their efforts to work with Plante Moran CRESA on providing valuable insight to the needs of our buildings,” said Tom Wall, Executive Director of Business Services and Operations.

Wall has organized a District Strategic Bond Steering Committee (DSBSC) comprised of staff from the Operations, Technology, and Student Services departments along with Cabinet members and representatives from each of the district’s unions. This group has the task of reviewing the comprehensive list of building needs totaling well over $500 million, prioritizing those needs, and creating a comprehensive plan to address capital improvements in all buildings over the next several years.  

At the foundation of all this work is the original recommendations brought forth by the Citizens Task Force which includes:

· First priority- infrastructure

· Second priority- meeting current and future capacity needs

· Third priority- school safety and security

· Fourth priority-  continue increasing the number of air conditioned facilities or other priorities identified by the Board of Education on a funds available basis.

The bond committee’s recommendations will be shared with the Board of Education at a June meeting. The Board will then determine the course of action moving forward, which will very likely include a bond proposal on the ballot in November this year or  possibly March of 2020. The District can generate approximately $220 million dollars from the sale of bonds without an increase in the current millage rate. This bond proposal would not increase taxes for residents.