This is a good time of year to call to mind that classic fable of the Hare and the Tortoise. We all know how it goes.  The hare, being much faster, zooms ahead of the tortoise but his overconfidence and reckless attitude results in disaster. The hare loses the race against the much slower tortoise because he gets careless and doesn’t stay focused on his goal. The tortoise, on the other hand, slowly and meticulously moves ahead keeping his eye on the final prize and winning the race.

I want to encourage all of our students, especially our seniors, to be like the tortoise and remain focused on the finish line and the completion of a successful school year.  Getting lax now can have disastrous results. Success attained in the classroom throughout the year can be dramatically impacted by lower grades on final exams or end of the year projects.

Staying focused also pertains to behavior outside the classroom.  It is not uncommon to hear news stories about students involved in a tragic accident because they were in engaged in a dangerous behavior they normally avoid. Unfortunately, these stories often reflect the actions of someone who has become distracted and no longer focused on the finish line.    

We want our students to be able to take part in all of the fun and celebratory privileges that are part of the senior year experience, events such as commencements, prom, senior party, honors assemblies, and many other activities. Not only students, but family and friends, some who travel a long distance, also want to share in these exciting times.

From the first day in August to the last day in June, our staff is dedicated to providing all students with a quality education each and every day of the school year.  Rest assured, our teachers, principals, and staff will do everything possible to make sure that, not only our seniors, but all of our students have a successful academic year. We ask parents and students to do all they can to stay on track, keep their eye on the finish line, and make their homestretch a successful end to a great career in the Dearborn Public Schools.

The prize is not won until the contest is over. These words ring true in the classroom as well. A full year of learning has not taken place until the school year is done, and there are several weeks of learning remaining. Enjoy the celebrations of student success in the weeks ahead but, like the tortoise, continue to stay focused on the finish line and the rewards that come with completing the race.

Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D.

Students reminded to stay focused on the goalStudents reminded to stay focused on the goalSuperintendent, Dearborn Public Schools