Business reps needed for high school career fairs

A woman speaks to several students in a classroom during the Fordson Freshman Career Fair.

Edsel Ford and Dearborn High are launching new career academies for students, and they need help from local businesses and professionals willing to tell teens about different jobs.

Edsel Ford is holding its first Freshman Career Fair on Feb. 4, and Dearborn High will have its first event on March 13.  Speakers are needed from a broad cross section of careers to give students an overview of what different jobs entail, such as the work employees do, skill and education required, and pay expectations.

If you are interested in helping at Edsel, please sign up using the Edsel Ford Career Fair form.  To learn more, contact Academies Lead Teacher Summer El-Mubarak at or at (313) 827-7296.  

Those interested in helping at Dearborn High can use the Dearborn High Career Fair form or contact Academies Lead Teacher Jeehan Nasir at or (313) 827-7802.  She is looking for potential presenters who are interactive, passionate about what they do, and represent high demand careers.

Speakers will lead four sessions, each lasting about 26 minutes.

Students will be asked to pick one speaker from each of the four Academies, including Business and Hospitality; Health Sciences; Public and Human Services; and Industry, Arts and Technology.

“We are seeking participation from multiple industry partners from each Academy to come share their career expertise with our students,” El-Mubarak said. “We would like to give our students an opportunity to choose to hear from as many different professionals as possible.”

Edsel’s Career Fair will be Tuesday, Feb. 4, from 12:15 to 2:15 p.m. at the high school.  Presenters will be asked to be there by noon that day.  If someone would like to present but cannot stay the entire time, contact El-Mubarak.

Dearborn High’s Career Fair will run on Friday, March 13, from 8:26 to 10:30 a.m.  Presenters will be asked to be at school by 7:55 a.m.

The Academies are intended to help students start considering career options in high school.  Freshmen will pick an academy to explore for their next three years of school.

Fordson High School launched the District’s first academies model two years ago.  The system is helping students better understand career options and the educational requirements needed to achieve their goals.  Studies have shown career academies increase student engagement in school, which leads to better attendance, better scores, and higher graduation rates.

“At Edsel, we believe that the career academy model is the best way to provide students with an awareness of their options and a purpose for their education as early as their freshman year of high school,” El-Mubarak said.