Whitmore Bolles staff member presumed positive for COVID-19, but was not contagious while at the building

Whitmore Bolles

The State of Michigan has announced additional cases of the COVID-19 virus in our state. These new numbers include the staff member from Whitmore-Bolles Elementary School.  The Wayne County Public Health Division has determined that the staff member was not contagious while in the building; therefore, our students were not exposed to the COVID-19 virus at school.

Local health departments in Michigan work directly with those who have been identified with the virus to investigate the possibility of any further spread of the COVID-19 virus.  The Communicable Disease Unit at Wayne County determines who might have had exposure to those individuals with a positive test and reaches out to those whom they feel may have had contact.  Wayne County does not test any individuals who do not exhibit symptoms.

Part of the guidelines in determining risk factors include did the person display symptoms while in contact with others and the proximity and duration of contact with other individuals.  

“We appreciate the support and expert guidance we have received from Wayne County in handling this situation,” commented Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Glenn Maleyko. 

Crews are completing the cleaning of Whitmore-Bolles on Friday.  Since the building will be closed until April 13, there is no reason to believe that the school will not be ready for staff and students when they return.

Anyone who may have further questions or concerns can reach out to the Wayne County Public Health Department COVID19 information line at (734) 287-7870.