Some District fields, playgrounds reopening for the public

Playground at Howard Elementary

Dearborn Public Schools is reopening the fields it shares with residents for public use and is gradually reopening playground equipment for our neighborhood families. School playgrounds will be available for public use after July 4th. 

But as residents exercise their bodies, we ask that they also exercise their common sense.

Please continue to practice social distancing as you use our grounds.  

Also be aware that during the summer break, playgrounds will not be sanitized on any regular schedule.  Families are using the facilities at their own risk.  Encourage children to continue to social distance and wash hands thoroughly after playing on equipment.  (Social distancing and hand washing are also good habits to cultivate before school reopens in whatever form it will take this fall.)

And remember not all fields and facilities are available to the public.  Some facilities, especially at the high schools, are reserved for our students because of the cost and difficulty of maintaining those areas.  If it is behind a locked gate, then the public clearly is not invited to use that area.

Thanks everyone, and stay safe.