Students will likely need face masks when school reopens

A girls poses in a face mask outside an elementary school.

Sales on school supplies have started, and there is one more thing parents should add to the supply list: face masks for their child.

State rules say if we are still in Phase 4 of the COVID response, students will be required to wear face masks in school. In Phase 5, masks are still recommended.

Under the governor’s requirements, Phase 4 generally requires students sixth grade and higher to wear masks for most of the school day. Younger students may only need masks when they are in the hallways or otherwise outside of their classroom. (Students will not be required to wear a face mask if they have a medical condition that makes it difficult to do so.) Staff will also be wearing masks or other protective wear most of the day.

So, every day in Phase 4 and maybe Phase 5 students will be asked to wear a clean reusable mask or a fresh disposable mask to school. Parents are asked to plan ahead to ensure their child has comfortable masks and is used to wearing the masks.

Dearborn Public Schools hopes to release its school reopening plan in late July or early August. Classes are scheduled to resume Aug. 31.

Parents can learn more about the Governor’s requirements for schools in her MI Safe Schools: Michigan’s 2020-21 Return to School Roadmap.