District recruiting premier subs

Dearborn Public Schools is looking for a limited number of premier substitute teachers to help us cover when other employees have the day off.

Substitutes would earn $150 a day for working in Dearborn Public Schools and would be committing to help in the district for the entire school year.  As soon as possible, we want to train the subs on Schoology, Zoom and other software they would be expected to use while students are learning online at the start of the school year.

Applicants need to apply through our substitute staffing service EDUStaff and would be considered EDUStaff employees. They need to meet all the state requirements to be a substitute teacher in Michigan, including passing background checks and having at least 60 hours of college credit from an accredited university or college with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Generally, the subs would step in for teachers with the day off, but they could also be asked to help as office secretaries or classroom parapros.  Subs could also be asked to help at in-person learning labs. After applying through EDUStaff, those interested in the premier substitute position are asked to email their resume to Human Resources Director Nada Alamaddine at alamadn@dearbornschools.org

Premier substitutes job description

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