Tentative graduation, August restart dates announced

A Fordson 2020 graduation has a cap decorated to say Class of COVID.

Grab your pencils (not pens) to mark your calendars.  We are ready to release our graduation dates for this year and the start date for next school year.

The district expects to restart school for the 2021-22 school year tentatively on the Monday before Labor Day, which is Aug. 30, 2021.  We are not yet releasing the full year calendar while we wait to see what happens with state discussions about requiring more school days for next year. Meanwhile, we realize, people are already dreaming of and planning summer vacations, and we wanted parents to know when we think school will restart so they can plan accordingly.

As to graduations, like all events over the last year, things will be different and are subject to change.

That said, we currently expect graduations to happen on the dates listed below.  

Exactly how those ceremonies will look will depend on COVID conditions closer to time and what administrators at that school figure out based on their particular circumstances. 

We can say that families should not expect to see the huge, traditional ceremonies and packed bleachers common before 2020.  If we are able to hold sit down events at all, expect seating to be even more limited.  (Don’t invite the grandparents yet, or even siblings for that matter.)  It is possible schools will again need to use some form of walk-through ceremony.

The graduation dates:

  • Henry Ford Early College, Thursday, May 20
  • Dearborn Magnet, Wednesday, June 9
  • Fordson, Thursday, June 10
  • Edsel Ford, Friday June 11
  • Dearborn High, Saturday, June 12
  • Henry Ford Collegiate Academy, Monday, June 28 

Last year, high school graduation ceremonies in Dearborn were delayed by weeks. Our three traditional high schools eventually held walk-through events where pre-recorded speeches were broadcast and then students were allowed to walk through at their school to receive their diplomas.

For the Class of 2021, high schools will communicate directly with families as the schools are able to finalize plans for this year.