Schools are NOT going remote, but district will be prepared if distance learning is needed at some locations

Glenn Maleyko

Greetings all, 

As the Boy Scout motto states, “Be prepared”.  If the last 18 months has taught us anything, it’s taught us to be flexible and to “Be prepared.”  Fortunately preparing for a variety of situations is part of the normal routine for a school district. We conduct fire drills, tornado drills, lockdown drills all in an effort to be prepared, proactive, and ready for all situations.  

Adding to that list of proactive measures is being prepared for our schools to provide students with remote or distance learning if that is needed. That means having plans in place at the district, school, and classroom level.  It’s also a good idea for families to have plans in place as well such as daycare, transportation, or other childcare needs.    

Planning should not be interpreted as a decision.  Those who heard about our plans to be prepared and then spread rumors that we were closing were incorrect. We are planning in case there is a need, but at this time we are not moving to remote or distance learning. As we continue to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic we need to be prepared to adapt to protect the safety of our students, staff and the community while balancing the need for in person instruction. 

Our state, county, and city are experiencing increasing infection rates, and the Dearborn Public Schools continues to take a layered approach to slow the spread of COVID 19. We will continue to monitor the numbers at our schools and make decisions that will keep our students and staff safe.  Generally these decisions will be on a classroom by classroom or school by school basis. We encourage all those who are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine and take steps to keep you and your family safe and healthy. 

Enjoy the Thanksgiving break! 

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