Members selected for VIP infrastructure committee

Older boilers at Lowrey School

Thank you to those who signed up to be part of the new citizens committee to provide input on infrastructure needs and future facility planning. 

Those selected to be part of the Vision for Infrastructure and Planning (VIP) Committee were notified earlier this week.

More than 70 people applied to be part of the committee, The district felt it was important to include all who applied in a meaningful role. Therefore, along with the 44 people who will serve on the VIP Committee, 27 people are being invited to serve on the Key Communicator team. The Key Communicator team will have an instrumental role in communicating the work that the VIP committee is doing and later in helping to provide information regarding any recommendations coming from the VIP committee. 

The VIP Committee will meet once a week for five weeks in January and February with a sixth date reserved, if needed, in March. The meetings will allow VIP members to learn more about infrastructure, safety, technology and other facility needs in the district. The committee will then be tasked with developing recommendations to address those needs which may include placing a bond proposal on the November 2022 ballot. The committee will present its recommendations to the Board of Education. The Board will make the final decision on the best options and if a bond proposal will be placed on the ballot.  The committee’s recommendation will heavily influence that decision.

Those serving on the VIP committee must be at least 16 years old and live or work within the district’s boundaries. Among the groups represented on the committee are district residents, parents, school staff, and local businesses. The committee also represents a geographic cross section of the district.

All applications for the committee were given to the district’s third party consultant, Michigan Leadership Institute (MLI) for review. MLI was tasked with developing a list of 40 people to serve on the final VIP committee based solely on the criteria set by the district. Being an outside consultant, MLI brought no bias to the selection process. After a review of the list provided by MLI, the district added four members to the committee to ensure a broad cross section of community stakeholders.