Dearborn Police running student safe driving video contest

Dearborn Police are holding a student video contest. The department is offering $100 Amazon gift certificates for whoever creates the most popular TikTok videos on traffic safety.

From the contest page:

“Help us save lives with your creativity and energy. Create a TikTok video supporting the #SafeStreetsDearborn.

Join the City of Dearborn to inspire people in the community to develop safe driving  habits that will help keep the streets in Dearborn safe for everyone. Have fun and express yourself with a video that reflects your imagination and vision. Your #SafeStreetsDearborn message may be the one that saves a life!”

Entrants must include the hashtag #SafeStreetsDearborn and must tag the City @dearborncitygov.

Entries will be accepted through June 1. Voting will occur from June 1 to 10. The top three vote getters will receive prizes.

Find the complete rules and entry details here.