Administrative appointments announced for 2022-23 school year

Dearborn Public Schools has announced a number of administrative changes before school starts on Monday, Aug. 29, 2022.

Administrative changes were made for a number of reasons including retirements that then caused a domino effect as administrators shifted roles.  The Board of Education has approved these appointments over their last few meetings.

Changes for the 2022-23 school year include:

  • Ms. Lamis Srour is now Executive Director of Student Achievement, Edsel Ford Feeder Track.  Ms. Srour previously served as the principal at Henry Ford Elementary School. 
  • Ms. Hilda Irani was appointed as Director of Assessment.  Ms. Irani previously served as the district’s Recruitment & Retention Coordinator. 
  • Ms. Sara Cortese was appointed as Director of Accounting.  Ms. Cortese previously served as the Director of Finance for Van Buren Public Schools.
  • Danielle Elzayat was hired as Health, Safety and Security Supervisor.  She previously worked as Wayne County Chief of Staff, Homeland Security/Emergency Management.
  • Ms. Fay Turfe was named the Recruitment, Retention and Teacher University Consultant. She  was previously Assistant Principal at Bryant Middle School.
  • Dr. Winifred Green was appointed Principal at the Henry Ford Early College (HFEC).  She previously served as Principal at the Dearborn Heights Campus, including overseeing the Michael Berry Career Center; the Dearborn Center for Math, Science and Technology; Magnet High School; STEM Middle School and the district’s career and technical education (CTE) programs.  The district is very excited about the purchase of the two buildings on the Henry Ford College campus and plans to expand the Early College programs. Dr. Green’s many years of experience in the district and her strong CTE background will be an asset in the planning and development of these new facilities and expansion of these programs.  
  • Ms. Amal Alcodray was named Director of the Dearborn Heights Campus. Ms. Alcodray has a solid counseling background and will work in collaboration with Dr. Green to grow the partnership and collaboration with the district’s CTE programs and Henry Ford College’s programs. 
  • Ms. Mariam Farhat was appointed as Principal of Henry Ford Elementary.  She previously was the Assistant Principal at William Ford Elementary School and before that went through the district’s Administrative Intern program.
  • Ms. Hanaa Faraj was named Principal of Geer Park Elementary, after serving as Interim Principal there.  Before that, she was an Assistant Principal at Stout Middle School.
  • Mr. Michael Wegher was appointed Assistant Principal at Dearborn High School. 
  • Mr. Jamal Lawera was named Assistant Principal at Long Elementary/Virtual School and Maples. This will be a split position due to the size of the programs and in alignment with the district budget allocation.  
  • Ms. Caitlin Ball was appointed to the position of Assistant Principal of Dearborn High School.  Ms. Ball was a special education teacher at Smith Middle School.
  • Ms. Maha Fayad was named Assistant Principal of Smith Middle School.  Ms. Fayad was an instructional coach in the district and was previously part of the Administrative Intern program.
  • Ms. Nassrine Karaali was appointed Assistant Principal of Bryant Middle School.  Ms. Karaali was an English language instructional coach and was previously part of the Administrative Intern program.
  • Ms. Melissa Kobeissi was named Assistant Principal of Woodworth Middle School.  Ms. Kobeissi was a teacher at William Ford Elementary School and was previously part of the Administrative Intern program. 
  • Ms. Nesreen Najm was named to the position of Assistant Principal of William Ford Elementary School.  Ms. Najm was a teacher at Nowlin Elementary and was previously part of the Administrative Intern program.
  • Mr. Brent Proctor to the position of Assistant Principal of Stout Middle School.  Mr. Proctor was a teacher at Stout and was previously part of the Administrative Intern program.

More administrative appointments could be announced at future Board of Education meetings.

“We are pleased with the quality of candidates we were able to attract for all of these positions and look forward to working with these staff members as they settle into their new leadership roles,” said Superintendent Glenn Maleyko.