Informational meeting about Virtual K-12 set for April 4, transfer deadline is May 6

Logo for Dearborn Public Schools Virtual K-12

Students already in Dearborn Public School interested in moving into or out of Virtual K-12 have until May 6 to submit their transfer paperwork.

Virtual K-12 is an entirely online school for students who live within the Dearborn Public School District.  Elementary students who live outside the district, but within Wayne County are also accepted.

An informational session about Virtual K-12 and plans for next year will be held on Tuesday, April 4 at 6:15 p.m.  Please, tune in with this Zoom link.

The district launched VK-12 in 2021.  The new virtual school gave families another option if they did not want to return to in-person learning as schools reopened full time.  

About 430 students from kindergarten through high school attend VK-12.  The program follows Dearborn Public Schools curriculum and for most students is taught live by district teachers every day.  High school students do have the option for some classes with recorded lessons taught by out-of-district staff.  Note, students are required to attend some in-person testing and parents will be required to pick up learning materials on certain dates.

Learn more about the school on the Virtual K-12 website.  Interested families can also check out our one-minute Virtual K-12 video.

Transfer forms are needed for each child already enrolled in the district who wants to transfer into Virtual K-12 or those enrolled in Virtual K-12 who would like to move to their home school next year.  Transfer documents must be completed for each student by May 6.

Additional resources:

Transfer form in English