Cipriano race for young runners returns on May 1

A large group of middle school boys lurches forward at the start of the 2018 Cipriano Memorial Cross Country Meet.

A district wide event encouraging young runners will return to Dearborn Public Schools on May 1st.

The ninth annual Robert Cipriano Memorial Cross Country Run will invite the fastest runners in fourth through eighth grades from across the district to compete in a timed event.

The race will be held at Ford Field Park in Dearborn.  Middle school students (grades 6-8) will compete in a 1.5 mile race, with races starting at 4:30 p.m.

Elementary students in fourth and fifth grade will compete in timed one-mile races starting at 5 p.m.

Each middle and elementary school in the district will select which students to invite based on evaluations during gym class.

Medals will be awarded to the top 10 students in four categories: elementary boys, elementary girls, middle school boys and middle school girls.

Thanks go out to the City of Dearborn for helping with the event.

Parents are responsible for arranging for transportation to the event and for supervising their children when they are not competing.  Families should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before their child’s race time and have their child at the starting line 10 minutes before their race is set to begin.

Races will run rain-or-shine; however in the case of severe weather, the event may need to be canceled.  If the weather is questionable, please look for a cancellation notice on the Dearborn Public Schools website.

Ford Field Park is at 500 Monroe St., in Dearborn.

Robert Cipriano was the District’s Director of Business Services for more than 10 years. He also oversaw athletics in the District.  Mr. Cipriano was tragically killed in April, 2012 when two young men broke into his home and attacked him, his wife, and son.  At the time, Mr. Cipriano, an avid runner, was working with the athletic directors to create a running program for middle and elementary students that would encourage competition, lifelong fitness, and fun.  The Cipriano Memorial Race is a fitting tribute to Bob’s work in Dearborn, his commitment to the children, and his love of running. 

The first Memorial Cross Country Meet was held more than a decade ago.  This is the first Cipriano student run since the pandemic closed schools in March of 2020.  Hundreds of students typically attend the events.

“We are excited for the Cipriano Memorial Cross Country Run to be returning to Dearborn Public Schools,” said Director of Student Services Abe Mashhour.  Mr. Mashhour also oversees the district’s physical education and athletics programs.

“Running can be a healthy, lifelong habit, and we are glad to be able to encourage our students to enjoy this simple, accessible form of exercise,” Mr. Mashhour said.