Visit here for the D-SHINES newsletters.   D-SHINES, (Dearborn – School Health through Integrated Nutrition & Exercise Strategies) for Healthy Kids is a grant to encourage healthy lifestyles in students at eight Dearborn Schools, including Salina Elementary, Salina Intermediate, McCollough-Unis Elementary and Middle School, Lowrey School, Long Elementary, Nowlin Elementary, O.L. Smith Middle School and Miller Elementary.

But everyone can enjoy some of the healthy tips in the newsletter!  (Written in English and Arabic)

Dearborn SHINES newsletter March 2019

Dearborn SHINES newsletter February 2019

Dearborn SHINES newsletter January 2019

Dearborn SHINES newsletter December 2018

November SHINES newsletter November 2018

To learn more about Healthy Dearborn, check out Healthy Dearborn flier.