New drinking fountains installed, District water testing continues

Superintendent Glenn Maleyko poses with two students by a new hydration station at Fordson High School.

Dearborn Public Schools is continuing its efforts to guarantee students have safe, accessible drinking water.

So far 20 hydration stations—combined water bottle filling area and drinking fountain— have been installed in the District’s buildings.  The goal is to make sure each of our 34 buildings has at least one such filtered water bottle station available for students and staff.   These fountains are being funded by the district administration.

Individual schools and parent groups have used their own budgets to add another 20 filtered, cooled watering spots – some with and some without the bottle filling part of the station.

Earlier this year, the district continued its ongoing water testing program. This time 1,080 water sources across the buildings were tested including water fountains and faucets.  Of those, only 1 percent  exceeded acceptable levels for lead and/or copper.  Fixtures were replaced at all 11 locations, and the water is being retested to ensure it is now safe.