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The Communications Department provides press releases, social media posts, newsletters, videos and other information about Dearborn Public Schools. We also answer inquiries from the public and media.

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Communications Office
18700 Audette, Office 6
Dearborn, MI 48124
313 827-3006

Mr. David Mustonen
Director, Communications and Marketing

Ms. Katie Hetrick
Communications Assistant

Ms. Sherry Candea
Communications Technician

Mr. Erik Tschiggfrey
Supervisor, Digital Media Production

Mr. Jacob Farah
Digital Media Technician

For Dearborn Schools staff

Dearborn Schools wanting coverage (photographs/video) of their event please submit information about your request here.

Schools who would like help with a press release promoting their event can file a request here.

Note â€“ Coverage depends on availability.  You must be logged into you Dearborn Schools Google account to access the request forms.

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