Statement on Inclusive School Environment

Empty playground

June 14, 2022

The Dearborn Public Schools is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and culturally responsive school environment for all students and staff. Any claims of inappropriate behavior, intimidation, or actions taken against a staff or student based on race, religion, culture, sex, or other protected class are investigated as described in Board policy.  All investigations are conducted by the Human Resource Department in a thorough manner in alignment with Board policy, state & federal law, and in coordination with the District’s legal counsel.

The District has historically taken a proactive approach in training staff and administrators on cultural sensitivity, macro and micro aggression, implicit and explicit bias, and diversity. Those efforts will continue in the upcoming school year and beyond as we continually work to grow and expand our base of knowledge. As we have done in the past, information on our on-going efforts in these areas will be shared with the public through traditional communication channels including but not limited to presentations at Board meetings, the district website, or other scheduled in-person meetings. 

Each day we welcome more than 20,000 students into our classrooms, 2,700 staff members into our buildings, and countless visitors across the district. Ensuring that all students, parents, and staff feel safe in our buildings and are treated with respect and acceptance is always our top priority. 

Thank you