District is hiring! Special training available to become certified for some positions

Dearborn Schools bus

Dearborn Public Schools is again recruiting staff from part-time subs to full-time professionals as the district prepares to launch the new school year later this month.

To help attract and retain staff, the district offers several initiatives to help non-professional employees get certifications in their field.

Dearborn Public Schools is one of the largest employers in Wayne County outside of Detroit, with about 2,700 staff, including more than 1,000 non-teaching staff.  Currently the district is looking to hire about 50 non-teaching staff.

In addition to hiring teachers, the district also needs to hire paraprofessionals, food service workers, engineers, custodial staff, bus drivers, transportation assistants, child care providers, noon hour supervisors, secretaries, receptionists and more.  Positions can range from just a few hours a day on school days to full-time, year round employment.

The district runs several programs to help support staff get certifications.  For example, any district employee can get on-the-job training to become certified as a building engineer or building operations specialist. Dearborn Public Schools also will train drivers with their CDL to become certified as bus drivers.  The district this summer also began a program in conjunction with Henry Ford College and the Department of Labor to help those interested in learning a skilled trade.

Most non-instructional staff are eligible for tuition reimbursement for classes at Henry Ford College for themselves, their spouses and dependent children. The coverage extends to most employees covered by the Dearborn Federation of School Employees and all those under Dearborn School Operating Engineers Association. 

All employees are eligible for paid holidays and time off, retirement benefits and life insurance.  Employees working more than four hours a day also qualify for health care, including vision and dental, after 60 days.

And of course, the district is looking to hire teachers.  Starting pay for new teachers is among the highest in Wayne County, and the employee benefits contributions are among the lowest in the county.  Find the teacher pay scale here, but note the scale does not yet reflect an expected increase related to increased state funding. 

In addition, the district needs substitutes for most positions, including teachers, bus drivers, food service workers, custodians, secretaries and more.  

All job openings can be found through the district’s online application portal.  Those interested are encouraged to start their application online today. Substitute teachers and parapros are asked to apply through EduStaff.  Those with questions about job openings can call Human Resources at 313-827-3002.

Dearborn Public Schools serves about 20,500 students and has 36 buildings holding 37 schools.

“As a district, we are always excited for the start of the new school year,” said Maysam Alie-Bazzi, Executive Director of Staff and Student Services. “But it also means hiring lots of new staff to help us prepare for the return of students to our buildings. Hopefully, some of the people reading this will join us so we can continue to provide our students the best possible services!”