County recognizes 15 district sites as Green Schools

Eleven students pose by recycling containers for different types of school lunch waste.

Just in time for Earth Day 2023 on Saturday, Wayne County and Wayne County RESA are recognizing 15 Dearborn Public Schools this year as Green Schools for their work on  environmental initiatives.

To be recognized, schools must complete several earth-friendly items from a list including recycling, energy conservation, environmental protection and more.  Schools get points based on how many projects they take on.

All of the work needs to be documented by the school’s Green Team Leader and the appropriate forms and information submitted to Wayne County each year.

Green Schools score 10 to 14 points, Emerald Schools 15 to 19 points and Evergreen Schools 20 or more points.

Many of the schools recognized in Dearborn have been Green Schools at some level for more than a decade. 

Evergreen Schools for the 2022-23 school year include DuVall Elementary 15 years, Henry Ford Elementary 14 years, Haigh Elementary 13 years, Lindbergh Elementary, Lowrey School 12 years, Miller Elementary 13 years, River Oaks Elementary 13 years, O.L. Smith Middle 13 years, and Snow Elementary eight years.

Schools achieving Emerald level include Cotter Early Childhood 12 years; Howe Elementary Elementary 14 years, and Nowlin Elementary 3 years.

Other Green Schools in the district include Woodworth Middle seven years, Bryant Middle 15 years, and Howard Elementary 15 years.

While schools may shift between levels over the years, all have shown a commitment to the Green School Program and to getting students involved in hands-on environmental activities.  Activities are only counted if they are unique to that school, not a district-wide initiative such as installing more efficient lighting.

Michigan officially created the Green School Program in 2010 with Public Act 301, but Wayne County’s Green Schools Program began before the state law.