Virtual K-12 moving to more asynchronous work next year

Update – Due to changes coming to the virtual school next year, we have extended the deadline for in-district students to transfer in or out of Virtual K-12 until May 24.

With the pandemic behind us, the Michigan Department of Education is changing its requirements for how students learning online will be counted for attendance.  As a result, starting in the fall of 2024, students in the district’s Dearborn Schools Virtual K-12 will have a bit more flexibility with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning.  Synchronous learning is live lessons on Zoom.  During asynchronous learning, students complete work on their own time schedule but by a due date set by the teacher.  

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade will continue to be taught by Dearborn Public Schools staff and will attend a combination of remote, live lessons on Zoom and asynchronous time supported with remote learning labs and tutoring.  Virtual clubs will also be offered.  

High school students will attend a remote learning lab each day and complete coursework via an online, asynchronous learning platform.  Highly-qualified, district staff will support students during learning labs.  In order to meet career interests and graduation requirements, high school students in grades 11th and 12th may choose some classes with recorded lessons taught by out-of-district staff.  Virtual clubs will also be offered. 

Students will earn a diploma from Dearborn Public Schools and must meet the same graduation requirements as other district students.  High school students who qualify can also participate in dual enrollment and the free Henry Ford Collegiate Academy.  Both programs allow students to take classes at Henry Ford College at no cost to the family. Academy students can attend an extra year of high school plus college and earn an associate’s degree.  Henry Ford College classes may require in-person attendance.

The deadline for in-district families to transfer in or out of Dearborn Virtual K-12 is May 24.  Visit the Dearborn Virtual K-12 Enrollment options page to learn more.