Salinas hosting Green Schoolyard event Sept. 19

Two students work on herbs in the garden at Salina Elementary School in the spring 2022.

Salina Elementary and Salina Intermediate schools are inviting the public to a special event to learn more about the Green Schoolyard Project at the campus.

The event will take place on Sept. 19 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at Salina Elementary School, 2700 Ferney St., Dearborn.  It will allow community members to stroll the gardens and view outdoor projects, learn more about the Green Schoolyards initiative, enjoy refreshments, and participate in fundraising activities, including a silent auction of student artwork.  The Green Schoolyard is provided as part of a partnership between the district and several other supporting organizations.  This month’s event is being spearheaded by the Intercultural Community Center in Dearborn.  The goal is to fundraise for benches to be used outside the school as well as to raise awareness about the Green Schoolyard Project.

Green Schoolyards provide students with nature-based learning experiences to strengthen their academic, physical, and mental health.  Both Salina Schools have outdoor food gardens that students help to tend, which provides the students with hands-on experience and real-life lessons related to science, food production and more.

Salina Elementary and Salina Intermediate were among more than a dozen schools in Dearborn that originally received outdoor gardens through a partnership with Healthy Dearborn.  Green Schoolyards are outdoor environments that strengthen local ecological systems, provide learning opportunities, and foster a wide range of play and social opportunities while enhancing health and well-being. These schoolyards include trees, food gardens, rain gardens, landscaping and play spaces and resources designed for the students and the community.

Those interested in supporting the Green Schoolyard Project can also make donations at  A flyer for the Sept. 19 event is also posted on the district’s website.

Salina Green Schoolyards event flyer